A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination..

Hi guys!

I know it has been a while since last time I wrote something meaningful. Part of it has been that since we moved I havent had internet, and I have been so uninspired.

But it is quite nice to sometime just take some time off and just philosophize about life. You know, like what I want to become or do with my life. Things like this is so important stuff to take some time to think about. I want to travel the world and photograph, or learn a different language, and I if I could I would start my studys tomorrow,I would love to take a year in paris, london,milan. Or to just, live the rest of my life in my favorite city in the whole world, New York.

It is so boring to think of the fact that I cant do any of those things before I graduate from high school(vgs), in two years. I know that all the things I wrote above is probably unrealistic. And I know that. But I also know the fact that wouldt get anywhere in life without ambitions and dreams. Everyone could do it.

What do you guys want to do with your lives?



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