5 things I cant live without


Perfumed Handcraft Candle. I lovelovelove candles, seriously I think it calms me down, since Im like the worlds most stressful person. My favorite is the vanilla candle from Durance, I usually buy mine at a little store calles Ztil in stavanger.

MAC Brush cleanser. Cleaning your make up brushes at least once a week is the most important part of make up. We spend so many money on cleansers,toners ect , but we put dirty make up brushes in our faces with tons of bacterials, thats disgusting. So I use the brush cleanser from MAC, it works like magic and is not expensive at all.

Durance Lavender Hand cream. The winter has made my hands so dry, so some hand cream is something I always carry around. My favorite is Ducrance with lavender, the cream smells wonderful, and always do the trick.

Maroccon oil. The Maroccon oil is something that everyone should have. It is a oil treatment for all hair types.
It makes my hair soft like angel hair, and is smells so good. You can use it on both dry and wet hair.

Kiehls drawing paste. I know every girl wish for perfect skin, well Im not one of those with that. I have bad blemish acne skin. So I use Kiehls drawing paste on my spots, works like magic. The only negative thing I have to say about this thing, is that you cant get it in Stavanger. Thats a shame cause Kiehls has the best skin products on earth.

Which 5 material things could you not live without?


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19.mai.2011 kl.17:04

Mine has to be:

Aveda hairproducts (My hair can get greasy with the wrong products)

Biotherm skinergetic (Protects and hydrates my skin during cold winters)

Yves Saint Laurent Highlighter/Concealer Touche cla (Lifesaver!)

Dior 'Crme de Rose' Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm (Has the same effect on the lips as Dior Crme Abricot Nail Cream has on your nails)

Cartier Perfume , X L?Heure Folle (The best perfume I've ever had and gives me the feeling luxury every day)

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