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Good morning loves! I know I know, I should have been at school now. But the last couple of days I havent been sleeping well, guessing I´ll have to do something about that. Right now, I´m eating breakfast,drinking water with orange and reading british Vogue. In my opinion there´s no better way to start something that was a bad morning! Now I have some reading to do for a test tomorrow, but I wish you all a great day.



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Iselin - mommy, fashion.

19.mai.2011 kl.11:34

Jeg er også hjemme, ikke helt frisk idag.

Kjersti Kihle's

19.mai.2011 kl.11:45

Helt flott måte å starte morran på det!! :)


21.mai.2011 kl.19:58

enig med overskriften!

kjempe fint bilde :)

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