The sound of rain.....


The weather is so terrible today, its pouring outside. But I kind of love days like this, when you can sit inside with a blanket over you and just listen sound of the rain pouring outside, and you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee and watch all the bad never-endig soap operas or whatever youd like to do. I also did some shopping after school ( again...I know, Im terrible saving my money.) bought the prettiest handbag, and a new pair of sunnies since my old pair broke.


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Marie Helene

23.mai.2011 kl.20:32

Love the bag <3


23.mai.2011 kl.20:39

Kjempefin blogg!

Ha en super kveld videre :)

-Kommentere tilbake?


24.mai.2011 kl.15:05

h, du har s fin stil!!


26.mai.2011 kl.08:44

Janneke: Tusen takk ste deg! :)

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