It feels so unreal

Right now, I dont even know what to say or feel.

We live in a mad mad world, I cant belive what Ive heard,seen on the television and read about in the news papers, it feels so unreal and scary, this is the kind of things we only think we are supposed to watch on the telly, not in our own country, and not this way. Wer suppose to feel safe in this world, and then this tragedy in our capital, Oslo hapeneds. Last week I walked in those streets, and today, it all looks like another world. It is so unfair, I cant help but feel scared, but at the same time so tankful that everyone that I know is safe. In times like this we all need to take care of each other. All the bereved and injured and those who lost their lives caused by this tragedy today are in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope all of you readers are home with safe with all of your beloved ones. Take care of each other!

Xx Vendela

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