A fresh start

Hi guys!

I know it has been a lot of moving from one blog to another, switching back and fort from norwegian to english. But I needed a fresh start. And a new blog name, first of all it was totally lame, my address was fashionfreek( fashionfreak was taken) and I want to be able to write about other things than just fashion as well. When I hear the word fashionfreek, all I hear is fashion. That wasnt what I wanted. So Im starting fresh.



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16, Stavanger

Hi there, and welcome to my blog, where I posts all kinds of insperation, in form of fashion,trends,beauty and my love for photography, or recipes. Or just my opinions on life it selves. "In life, you dont always get it right. But it helps if you write your own story." You can contact me on vendelahovland@hotmail.com