april 2011

It is all about the skirt.

Ph_selftimer// Skirt, top and bag- Bikbok, denim jacket-Gina tricot and belt from zara. Im soo in love with my new skirt, it is perfect for late summer nights, and canbasically go with any shoes,...

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination..

Hi guys! I know it has been a while since last time I wrote something meaningful. Part of it has been that since we moved I havent had internet, and I have been so uninspired. But it is quite n...

The big day

I know everyone says " keep calm, it is only a wedding" but it is not " just a wedding " it is THE wedding. Prince William and Kate Middletons wedding day. So when I got home from school ...

Sparkling Easter egg

Ph_me// It is no secret that I love everything that sparkles, and when i was out looking for this years easter egg I found this at Indiska, look how cute , I get fascinated just by looking...

Conscious Collection

I finally got my hands on this super cute shorts from the Conscious Collection last week, think it is going to be perfect for the summer paired with a cute top and sandals. I wanted the dress as se...

I got a haircut

 Ph_me/ So this morning I finally managed to drag myself to the hair dresser! Im the type of person with all the talks and no action, I mean Ive talked about cutting my hair a little ...

Lingerie, macaroons and make-up.

1. Macaroons and lingerie, best combination ever./- 2. This cute quote was on the inside of the snapple bottle./3. I bought a little new makeup from make up store today, when it comes to ma...

Starting fashionably early

Ph_unknown/ I seriously adore this picture, look how cute the little boy looks and just like his father stylish.... Im so sorry guys, but I might be a little more absent, we are moving into ...

Tuesday inspiration

Ph_thevougediaries// Have a fantastic day everyone! 


 Ph_me// Hi loves! Ive been home from school today, I had like five seconds sleep last night , so it was probably a good idea. And btw, Im soo happy with the color of my hair...


 Ph_mum// Jacket-Vero Moda/ skirt-Gina Tricot/ boots-dinsko/.. -Vendela

I love this pics

Ph_fashionising/ -Vendela


Ph_me// Happy weekend loves! -Vendela


Ph_angelica blick// Next week I really have to get my ass to the hairdresser and do something fresh with my hair, I really really love beautiful swedish Angelica Blicks ...

Summer, Im ready for you

Ph_me// I'm seriously so ready for summer, I can't wait. So I bought this cute bikini at Bikbok in oslo last week. -Vendela


Ph_privat// Jacket-Zara/ harem pants and bustier-H&M/ blazer and scarf-Bikbok/ boots-Dinsko/ I decided it was way too cold for ballerinas when I went out, so I went with boots i...

A sneak peek of my outfit

Ph_me// Haha look how pale my feet looks! I'll try to post the whole outfit for you guys later. ..So stay tuned! -Vendela

I like photographing the people I love, the people I admire.

Ph_me// I think black and white photos can do anything that the colors cant..... -Vendela

Did anyone say cupcake?

Ph_me// -Vendela 

Outfit x3

Cardigan-Gt / Pants-Zara/ Shoes-Dinsko/ Tee-H&M / cross over shoulder bag- BIkbok/ Pants and jacket(new) - Zara, Cardigan and bag-bikbok/ Top-F21/ Oxfords and bag-Aldo/ Cardigan-Bikbok/ jeans- Ve...

Yellow doll

Hi guys! Sory for my lack of updates this weekend. But It is so nice to just take some time of and get some insperation that I can sheer with you guys. I had so much fun in Oslo, lots of good f...

heading to the airport

Ph_google// Rachel Bilson at LAX, looking stunning( yet comfortable) as always.... Hi lovlies! Im heading to the airport, to catch my flight to Oslo, I decided not to bring my beloved macbook, b...


16, Sola

Hi there, and welcome to my blog, where I posts all kinds of insperation, in form of fashion,trends,beauty and my love for photography. "In life, you dont always get it right. But it helps if you write your own story." You can contact me on vendelahovland@hotmail.com